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Memorable Quotations from Yoga Scriptures of the Ancient Siddha Lineage Tradition by Acharya Ricardo B Serrano


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"One's own thoughts is one's world. What a person thinks is what he becomes - that is the eternal mystery. If the mind dwells within the supreme Self, One enjoys undying happiness." - Maitri Upanishad


"The essence of all the prophets of God is one and the same." - Baha'u'llah


Dancing ShivaThe following quotations from the ancient Shaivite and Vedic scriptures are based on the ancient true path of the Siddha (enlightened liberated yogi and messenger of God) lineage and philosophy of Kashmir Shaivism and Vedanta that, I personally believe, is a progressive revelation of God and has close similarity with the Taoist, Christian, Krishna, and Buddhist tantric philosophy and psychology of liberation.

Kashmir Shaivism is a nondual philosophy that recognizes the entire universe as a manifestation of Shiva, as the play of His divine conscious energy, Shakti, or Chiti. In Shaivism, Supreme Shiva (Paramashiva) is the all-pervasive supreme Reality, the unmoving, transcedent divine Consciousness. In the Hindu trinity, Shiva, or the Self, is the aspect of God as the destroyer of ignorance.

Baha'u'llah, divine teacher

About Baha'i Faith

Baha'i Faith's founder, Baha'u'llah, taught that there is one God, Who progressively reveals His Will to humanity. Each of the great religions brought by the Messengers of God Abraham and Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Jesus, Muhammad, the Bab represents a successive stage in the spiritual development of the human race. Baha'u'llah, the most recent Messenger in this line, has brought teachings that address the moral and spiritual challenges of today's world.

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About Baha'i Faith
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Quotations on Baha'i Faith

Quotations on Baha'i Faith

Quotations on Baha'i Faith

About Baha' Faith

Baha'i Shen Gong and Songs

Lord Shiva

Acharya RBSerrano and Gurudev Nityananda
Acharya Ricardo B Serrano and
Gurudev Nityananda

The joy of his samadhi is bliss for the whole universe. - Shiva Sutra 1.18

Whatever joy he feels while he is in samadhi is said to be the insertion of bliss for the whole universe. This yogi doesn't have to do anything. He only has to remain in samadhi and he will carry the whole universe into that supreme bliss.

According to Kashmir Shaivism teachings found in the Vijnana Bhairava, when a yogi resides with full awareness in the state of subjectivity, with the full joy of experiencing his own nature (camatkara), this is said to be the joy of his samadhi (mystical rapture).

There is another explanation of this sutra given by masters and that is, "Whenever this yogi, who is always residing in his own self (svatmarama), is introverted and established in his own self, then he naturally enjoys the bliss of samadhi. Anyone who sees this and thinks that this yogi is enjoying the bliss of samadhi will, at that very moment, also enter into samadhi. This is just like seeing a cobra not from distance, but face to face.

When you see a cobra and it bites you, you will be filled with the poison of that cobra. In the same way, when you observe a yogi who is established in the joy of samadhi and you understand that he is experiencing the joy of this samadhi, you will at once also relish the joy of samadhi. This reveals how this bliss is bestowed on the whole world.


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Oneness with Shiva

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"The essence of all the prophets of God is one and the same." - Baha'u'llah

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