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The Necessity of Qi-Healers Without Borders
by Ricardo B. Serrano

There are three main reasons why the Qi-Healers Without Borders was conceived and put into action. The following monetary, internal and spiritual needs are the main reasons that explain the mission and necessity in utilizing this innovative program which is an integration of Pan Gu Mystical/ Sheng Zhen Qigong, Zhan Zhuang Qigong, Wuji Qigong, Guru Yoga, Super Brain Yoga, Merkaba activation, EFT and traditional body and ear acupuncture with Chinese tonic herbs called "EFT Qi-healers Method."

Monetary needs of clients

There are lots of time when needy people inquire about the cost of learning the Pan Gu Mystical Qigong and acupuncture treatment only to cancel their appointment when they find out that they have to pay a one-time fee of $120 which they sadly say they can't afford. With my livelihood as an acupuncturist and Qigong teacher/ practitioner, giving my services for free is not possible. This is where the donations from charitable organizations and corporate donors are needed to fund the services of Qi-Healers without borders for the needy people who can't afford them.

Internal needs of clients

The most important criteria is whether this form of integrated Qigong modality works or not, and whether this Qigong1 form is simple but powerful enough to learn and apply. In regards to acupuncture, everybody knows that it works but not everyone is aware of the necessity of including qigong with acupuncture, EFT and Chinese tonic herbs to treat the whole person physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually to amplify acupuncture's potency a hundred-fold by supplementing the deficient three treasures of Classical Chinese Medicine, the Jing, and "Shen Qi"2 or "life force" and removing the obstruction of the physiological function in the organs of the body that cause most of the physical, mental or emotional symptoms of most stress-related diseases.

Spiritual needs of both practitioner and client

Most people are sick because they are empty inside spiritually. If an ill person doesn't fill this need of unconditional love (Sheng Zhen) from the Yuan Qi3 energy source -- Pan Gu (God source) through Pan Gu Shengong (PGSG), there is continuous chronic symptoms of physical and emotional disorders. When a Qi-healer shares Pan Gu's energy through Qi-healing4 with ear or body acupuncture and teaching the moving form of PGSG with a client or group of clients, there is an interexchange of Shen Qi from the universe and among them. When a person experiences overwhelming love, joy and happiness through the practice of PGSG, this is a sure sign of enlightenment (oneness with Spirit) which is the goal of every path of spirituality. Truth can only be known by experience, not by beliefs or thoughts.

Help is needed and Qi-healers without borders have much to offer!

Donations from charitable donors are needed to make the mission of QWB a reality!

Pan Gu
Pan Gu Shengong


Footnotes (Excerpts from Dr. Ni's Neijing Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine):

1 The following quotations from Dr. Ni's Neijing talked about the practice of Qigong and the Tao, the Way of Life, for healing and life extension:

Chapter 1, The Universal Truth

Yellow EmperorYellow Emperor Huang Di asked, "I've heard of people in ancient times, spoken of as the immortals, who knew the secrets of the universe and held yin and yang, the world, in the palm of their hands. They extracted essence from nature and practiced various diciplines such as Dao-in and Qigong and breathing and visualization exercises, to integrate the body, mind and spirit. They remained undisturbed and thus attained extraordinary levels of accomplishment. Can you tell me about them?"

Qi Bo responded, "The immortals kept their mental energies focused and refined, and harmonized their bodies with the environment. Thus, they did not show conventional signs of aging and were able to live beyond their biological limitations.

"Not so long ago there were people known as achieved beings who had true virtue, understood the Way of Life, and were able to adapt to and harmonize with the universe and the seasons. They too were able to keep their mental energy through proper concentration.

"These achieved beings did not live like ordinary humans, who tended to abuse themselves. They were able to travel freely to different times and places since they were not governed by conventional views of time and space. Their sense of perceptions were supernormal, going far beyond the sight and hearing of ordinary humans. They were also able to preserve their life spans and live in full health, much as the immortals did.

"There was a third type of a person, known as the sage. The sages lived peacefully under Heaven and Earth, following the rhythms of the planet and the universe. They adapted to society without being swayed by cultural trends. They were free from emotional extremes and lived a balanced, contented existence. Their outward appearance, behavior and thinking did not reflect the conflicting norms of society. The sages appeared busy but were never depleted. Internally they did not overburden themselves. They abided in calmness, recognizing the empty nature of phenomenological existence. The sages lived over one hundred years because they did not scatter and disperse their energies.

"A fourth type were the natural people who followed the Tao, the Way of Life, and were called naturalists. They lived in accordance with the rhythmic patterns of the seasons: Heaven and Earth, moon, sun and stars. They aspired to follow the way of the ancient times, choosing not to lead excessive lifestyles. They, too, lived plainly and and enjoyed long life."

2 Dr. Ni's Neijing mentioned about the necessity of Shen Qi for healing disease:

Chapter 73, Etiology of Disease

"Therefore, when the qi and shen are present and sound, no pathogen can invade a person, even when the cycles of nature are disruptive and plagues are near."

ShenAccording to Traditional Chinese Medical theory, the mind, or concentration / awareness is associated with the concept of Shen. Shen is one of the "three treasures" of life, Shen, Qi and Jing, or mind, energy and essence. These three treasures form the essential components of the living person. Shen, or mind, is the mental aspect, represented not only in the nervous system but also in the spiritual aspect of a person. The Shen denotes not only the focused activity of their nervous system, but also the Spirit or sense of presence that a person brings forth when performing any activity. Moderately weak Shen often manifests itself as anxiety, mild depression or chronic restlessness. Very weak Shen is possibly indicated by deeper psychological problems.

QiQi is the vital energy of the body. It is the active motivating force not only of cellular metabolism but also the electromagnetic and subtle energies that are circulated in the acupuncture channels and collaterals of the body. This unique energy results from the interaction of yin and yang. It has been called "energy", "vital energy", "primal energy" and "life force". A healthy body is a wellspring of constant circulating Qi which moves around the body, in and out of the body, up and down within the body. Vibrant Qi has warming properties that bring about a sense of complete harmony and wellness.

JingJing, or essence, is the constitutional component that a person is born with, or the vital essence of the reproductive system that allows and drives us to procreate the species and ourselves. Its closest Western counterpart is DNA (our genetic material). This energy governs the developmental growth processes in the body and the rate and degree of determination of the body.

Lit Candle likened to Jing, Qi and ShenMentioned from Ron Teeguarden's book Radiant Health, his great Qigong and tonic herbal teacher, Taoist Master Sung Jin Park, described the Three Treasures by comparing them to a burning candle. Jing is like the wax and wick, which are the substantial parts of the candle. They are made of material, which is essentially condensed energy. The flame of the lit candle is likened to qi, for this is the energetic activity of the candle, which eventually results in the burning out of the candle. The radiance given off by the flaming candle is shen. The larger the candle and the better the quality of the wax and wick, the steadier will be its flame and the longer the candle will last. The greater and steadier the flame, the greater and steadier the light given off. Taoist Master Sung Jin Park described the Three Treasures in some detail:

Taoist Master Sung Jin ParkThere are Three Treasures in the human body. These are known as jing, qi and shen. Of these three, only qi has received some recognition in the West so far. Qi is but one of the Three Treasures -- the other two are equally wondrous.

Jing has been called the "superior ultimate" Treasure, though even in a healthy, radiant body, the quantity is small. Jing existed before the body existed, and this jing enters the body tissues and becomes the root of our body. When we keep jing within our body, our body can be vigorous. If a person cares for the cavity of jing [a space within the lower abdomen], and does not hurt it recklessly, it is very easy to enjoy a life of great longevity. Without jing energy, we cannot live.

Jing, Qi and ShenQi is the invisible life force which enables the body to think and perform voluntary movement. The power of qi can be seen in the power that enables a person to move and live. It can be seen in the movement of energy in the cosmos and in all other movements and changes. Qi circulates through the twelve meridians [the energy circuitry of the body] to nourish and preserve the inner organs.

Shen energy is similar to the English meaning of the words "mind" and "spirit." It is developed by the combination of jing and qi energy. When these two Treasures are in balance, the mind is strong, the spirit is great, the emotions are under control, and the body is strong and healthy. But it is very difficult to expect a sound mind to be cultivated without sound jing and qi. An old proverb says that a sound mind lives in a sound body. When cultivated, shen will bring peace of mind.

When we develop jing, we get a large amount of qi automatically. When we have a large amount of qi, we will also have strong shen, and we will become bright and glowing as a holy man. See Chinese Tonic Herbs to Cultivate Shen, Qi & Jing

3 Yuan Qi, the primordial original energy in the body was mentioned in the Nei Jing as the key to effective medicine which can be regenerated through Qigong and tonic herbs:

Chapter 77, The Five Failings of Physicians

"The key to effective medicine is to determine the cause and rectify the imbalance of the yuan/original qi of the body. Study the ancient medical classics well. Follow the correct treatment principles and perform your healing with the utmost care and attention. Conduct yourself with the highest virtue and always have compassion toward your patients. In this way you will be outstanding in your cures and never cause malpractice. This is the way of the sage physicians."

4 Dr. Ni describes the work of the ancient doctors as redirecting the flow of energy within the patient by altering their emotional or spiritual state through zhu yuo (spiritual Qi-healing):

Chapter 13, Treatment of the Mind and Body

Yellow Emperor Huang Di asked, "I have heard that in ancient times, when the sages treated, all they had to do was employ methods to guide and change the emotional and spiritual state of a person and redirect the energy flow. The sages utilized a method called zhu yuo, prayer, ceremony, and shamanism, which healed all conditions. Today, however, when doctors treat a patient, they use herbs to treat the internal aspect and acupuncture to treat the exterior. Yet some conditions do not respond. Why is this?"

Qi Bo answered, "In ancient times, people lived simply. They hunted, fished, and were with nature all day. When the weather cooled, they became active to fend off the cold. When the weather heated up in the summer, they retreated to cool places. Internally, their emotions were calm and peaceful and they were without excessive desires. Externally, they did not have the stress of today. They lived without greed and desire, close to nature. They maintained jing shen nei suo, or inner peace and concentration of the mind and spirit. This prevented the pathogens from invading. Therefore, they did not need herbs to treat their internal state, nor did they need acupuncture to treat the exterior. When they did contract disease they simply guided properly the emotions and spirit and redirected the energy flow, using the method of zhu yuo (spiritual Qi-healing) to heal the condition.

People today are different. Internally, they are enslaved by their emotions and worries. They work too hard in heavy labor. They do not follow the rhythmic changes of the four seasons and thus become susceptible to the invasion of the thieves or winds. When their zheng/ antipathogenic qi is weak, pathogens invade to destroy the five zang organs, the bones, and the marrow. Externally they are attacked via the sensory organs, the skin, and muscles. Thus mild conditions become severe, and severe conditions turn fatal. At this point, the method of zhu yuo (spiritual Qi-healing) would be insufficient."


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