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Qigong is A Special Knowledge with Material and Spiritual Characteristic
by Master Ou Wen Wei

What is Qigong?
What is the Qi in the Universe?
Why Qigong can be used for disease treatment?
Healing Effects of Pan Gu Shengong Qigong

What actually is Qigong?

Since the making of mankind's history, especially in China, people have continuously been studying the question of what qigong truly is.

The records found in many Chinese ancient books such as Emperor Huang's Nei Jing (Internal Classics) "Yi Jin" (the Book of Changes) have revealed the orbit and the yield in the researching work of our ancestors, in addition to many daily used idioms and phrases. In describing the vigor of life, the attributive phrases as "zhao qi peng bo"1 "xue qi fang gang"2 "qi shi ru hong"3 etc.; and in describing the declinging of life as "yuan qi da shang"4 "qi xi yan yan"5 etc are often heard. Actually the word "qi" in such phrases has very much concretely expressed and describes the original or basic vitality of human's life. However, many people use these phrases often, but neglect their real meaning. If they didn't, the mysteries which artificially are covered "Qigong" would be thinner and lack in density.

Ancient Qigong practitionerThe studying and understanding of "Qigong" of our ancestors is in fact full of plain materialism, emphasizing practice even more esteeming perceptual knowledge. For instance, the expression of "light", "image", "figure", "shadow", "idea" are all experienced during qigong exercising; and the feelings of "bloat", "numbness", "coldness", "heat", "pain" etc is also the real reflection of the practice. They are the recognition of materialism or you may say, the recognition through the means of materialism (they certainly include the recognition through the means of idealism got from mind). Moreover our ancestors divided the knowledge of "qi" in detail and concluded in proper description; "qi" of light and blue floated upward forming the heaven and the heavy "qi" centered downward forming the earth. The smaller "qi" represents the strength in human body and the spirit in all things on earth i.e. the "qi" in "qigong". The above mentioned explanation shows the broad and narrow meaning of "qi", the former one is the broadest while the "qi" in "qigong" is comparatively the narrower one. Thus our ancestors used the word "qi" to show its characteristic.

Broad meaning of "qi" specializes in the general characteristics while the narrow one specializes in the definite characteristic therefore broad meaning embodies the narrow meaning and the later expresses some characteristics of the former (general characteristic) so are the other things in the world. For example the conception of "man" is also divided into broad one and narrow one. They are individual "man" group of "people" and "human beings" in general. There is difference between general characteristic and definite characteristic both are mingled together but at the same time differed.

The "qi" in "qigong", which is from yet mingled in the "qi" in space, is of the most spiritual kind. Thus a special way (i.e. exercising "gong") is required to obtain it.

What actually is the "Qi" in the Universe?

QiOur ancestors have got a clear understanding about "qi": "qi" of light and blue one floateing upward forms the heaven and the heavy "qi" centered and sunk downward forms the earth". Here "qi" is practically tiny material particles in space. Its own law of motion describes "qi" as follows: "light and blue things float upward forming clear and infinite sky (so the Chinese character "?" meaning "sky" is written as "?? " in Chinese ancient vocabulary) heavy and turbid things sank and formed the ground (the earth the stars and nebula). This in fact not only is the recognition of the motion of material during the chaos but also the interpretation of the phenomenon of material motion after the space has formed. Such a phenomenon even now is often perceivable ---- quantity of tiny particles are found floating hither and thither in the sky, only the light and blue ones can keep floating in the air, but heavy and turbid things are doomed to sink eventually to the ground.

This thus is the broadest interpretation of "qi", the original "qi" and the characteristic of "qi" of narrow interpretation as well.

After the above mentioned points have been recognized we hold that the real source of the "qi" in "qigong" can be understood and realized. It is from the space and is a special thing having both material and spiritual characteristic.

Let's make our best endeavors now to dissect the material and spiritual characteristic of "qi" in "qigong" with the view of modern conception as follows. It shows its material characteristic in three ways:

  1. It reveals its existence through energy. So when it is touched by the body of man, certain corresponding feelings such as "bloat", "numbness", "coldness", "pain", "itch", "unconscious swing", "a stream of air running in the body" etc can be detected. The same reason can be applied on it when the other energies (as electric energy, thermal energy etc) are touched by the human body. The difference lies in the fact that appliances have been made to detect the existence of electric and other energies but no method has yet been found to detect its existence, so we find no enough scientific measure to fulfil the task. One of the writer's students, a retired worker of the basic engineering company, often detects a feeling of electric stroke when he is receiving "qi" and exercising "gong" as per the writer's instruction, and finds electric sparkles appearing between his two hands. When issuing "qi" to treat the patients of the opposite sex, the electric strokes are felt in both sides and electric sparkles can also be perceived. This phenomenon shows that it emphasizes the ways shown in his body through the measure of electric energy. As the "qi" field (biological field) differs in everybody, each obtain a different feeling when he touches it, i.e. some feel electric energy more while the others, light energy or magnetic energy more.

  2. "Qi" moves in the air with the way of molecule motion.

    In daily life, we can often smell the fragrance of flowers, the pleasant odors of food and other odors. This is because the nose of man absorbs the material molecules with odors coming from near places. One can accept this reason even with less knowledge of physics. Nevertheless, the material molecules in "gong" condition can be absorbed and smelt from long distance and faraway, thus the conclusion of "gong" condition follows the disappearance of the smelling of odors.

    After having realized its how and whys, we can understand that the process of the exercising and receiving "gong" is practically the process of receiving the energy and absorbing the material elements from the nature. Moreover, a choking, disagreeable dead body odor will be smelt when the patient suffering from organic disease inflammation (certain organ is deteriorated and decayed) is being treated by the one who acquires a profound consummate "qigong" skill. It is well explained that the issuing "qi" dissolved the deteriorated parts inside the organ in the body into tiny particles as small as molecules, and discharged and ejected them out of the body, thus the people around the patient will such bad odor, and its material characteristic is obvious.

  3. It launches outward in the mode of "field".

    Human Auric Light BodiesLike electric field, magnetic field, "qi" field is launching outward, it also forms circles by circles as waves urge waves. It is out of question for a man with strong issuing ability to launch the "qi" far, far away, say hundreds of thousands of miles. Facing the fact and good curative effect, the writer has to realize the truth of it.

    July, 1991 it was my first time to cure my patient through long distance by emitting "qi". One evening, Mr. Ji Xiao Ming, an over-sea Chinese, who had made my acquaintance in 1991 during his stay in China and was then living in the Dominican Republic, phoned me through international long distance call from the official residence of the secretary of the president of the country. He asked me to issue long distance "gong" to cure the mother of his friend, who was suffering from chronic nephritis and the sister who was suffering from migraine. I agreed to offer them an experimental issuing. The interpreter translated the method of receiving "gong" instructed by me, then we dropped the line. I began to issue "gong" in Sheng Zheng, they were ready to receive it at the same time. After 15 minutes they called me again and were glad to inform me that they both had detected the feeling and the sister of the secretary found her headache disappeared and suffered no more!

    There are now a number of my students who have acquired the ability is issuing long distance "gong" and have produced fairly good curative effect. Of whom two have cooperated with each other in Guangzhou to give first-aid treatment with the skill of long distance "fluoroscope" and long distance issuing "gong" to cure a patient on critical state in Fo Shan who was suffering from cardiovascular disease.

    It seems fantastic and unbelievable for those who have not experienced such thing in person to believe the curative effect through long distance curing. And what is more, no proper scientific appliance is available to detect the process in creating the effect. So it becomes more unconvincing. But the cured patients are the best witnesses and whose testimony is convincing. Ms. Liang Wei, the head of the Personnel Department of Guangzhou University, suffered from biliary cystitis on May 11, 1994 owing to overtired work, was soaked through with cold sweat caused by cutting pain. As the rule, she had to be in hospital for several days, but was then attending a meeting in Conghua. So it was inconvenient for her to stay in hospital. Fortunately she had some knowledge regarding to the "gong" from far away for curing diseases. Therefore she called on me asking me to issue "gong" to cure her, and she was determined to testify it. Only a short time after she had received "gong", she felt that the pain began to ease, and she fell asleep the very evening. Next morning she went to work as usual. The fact that not even a tablet of medicine was needed but resulted in such wonderful curative effect made the people who saw and learned it in person felt really strange, but they had to realize the truth. So they were determined to learn this course regarding to the method of issuing "gong". How to explain this phenomenon? To my opinion, it can be compared with the launching and receiving principle in radio for it is a special "field" in objective reality. If only you are able to receive it with the specific means, it can be used to treat diseases.

Why qigong can be used for disease treatment?

Having learned the material characteristic of "qigong" we may say that we have understood in half about the principle of why "qigong" can be used for disease treatment. And this half understanding can be traced to the same origin with the medical principle (including western and traditional Chinese medicine).

What is the principle of modern medical science? The most fundamental principle is to suit the remedy to the case, concretely speaking, the medicine is used to replenish the need of the organs in the body so as to solve the factors causing the illness.

Why do man develop diseases? There are in short only two basic reasons:

  1. The organs in human body once lack the necessary material elements or the harmful material elements increase, the disease will be contracted. They are mostly classified into parenchymal diseases and can be examined easily, we call them as diseases of material characteristic.

  2. Because of the continuous motion, various physiological functions within the human body will also be contracted with diseases once the human body falls into a decline and feels running down or once some obstructions appear. At the beginning, even in a period of time, the ailments of this kind have not yet shown themselves as organic diseases, but they make the patients feel tired and fatigued easily. Though general malaise and aching are felt here and there, yet pathogeny and ailment can hardly be checked out. Thus we classify such symptoms into diseases with spiritual characteristic. However, once such kind of ailments have turned into parenchymal ones, they will be chronic and difficult to be cured. They are, for example, cardiopathy, diabetes mellitus, cerebral embolism, neuropathy, chronic hepatitis, lupus erythematosus, rheumatism, etc.

Modern medical science has satisfactorily solved the ailments evoked by the causes of the first group, yet in curing the ailments evoked by the cause of the second group, or together with the cause of the first one, it shows itself incapable and the curative effects are often found unsatisfactory.

Let's now see the reason why such phenomenon exists?

The basic principle of modern medical science (especially western medical science) is based on material characteristic. The principle replenishes material with material (to replace material elements that the body needs and to neutralize the harmful material elements in the body with medicine) or rids materials with materials (to incise the infected part or organ) but it lack effective means to strengthen the vitality (physiologic function) and immunity in human body fundamentally.

The characteristic of "qigong" agrees with the characteristic of spiritual motion in vitality, therefore it is the other half reason regarding why "qigong" can cure diseases as well as the second reason regarding why "qigong" is able to solve the problem of the contraction of diseases in human body.

When discussing the word "spirit", the definition of "spirit" should first be exactly and correctly appreciated.

What is "spirit"? The phrase "the movable ability that surpasses material charcteristic" indicates the principal meaning and the main idea of "spirit".

Let's take the vitality of human beings itself for example. It possesses such movable ability that surpasses material characteristic and it adheres to material (human body), acts on material (human body), but material is by no means equal to vitality. Thus the phenomena "decease coming upon the man without any ailment" are the best testimonies.

Should material be equal to vitality, the number of materials that form various organs in human body would not decrease, and what is more, should all organs in the body contract no disease, then vitality would continue to exist. But the fact proves the contrary. Vitality is an existence (thing) without any trace, form, sign, mark or even shadow. Nevertheless, once it ceases to work, decease will come upon man and once it is unable to effectively make certain organ work properly, people well not feel well.

The movable ability of vitality shows itself in two aspects: conscious behavior and extra-sensory action.

In most cases, however, it does not obey the will of the body but act independently on its own mode to work actively of slows down till it exhausts and prostrates. This extra-sensory action of vitality will produce both favorable and unfavorable effects on the health of human body when it is in its vigorous and exuberant state. As in youth, it creates good effect, so slight wounds or minor ailments can be quickly recovered only by the automatically adjusted affect of its own vitality without the need of taking medicine. If only man's vitality can be managed to keep in vigorous and energetic state and in good automatically adjusted condition, there are hopeful prospects and outlook in maintaining real health in human body.

The "qi" in "qigong" possesses coincidentally conscious behavior and extra-sensory action, (This will be discussed in the other article), thus agrees with the characteristic of vitality. The movable characteristic of vitality of man, through exercising "qigong", can therefore be strengthened. In other words, the physiologic functions of the body are strengthened and unimaginable effects are accordingly obtained in treating some diseases. (Certainly this result of strengthening physiologic functions may vary in the messages containing in different kinds of "qigong". Therefore a qigong without dogmas against any other qigong can all round strengthen various physiologic functions in human body, thus resulting to the appearance that some diseases cannot be cured by certain kinds of qigong.)

Because of without suitable appliances for giving trials and tests, I am unable at the present to offer data or the like to explain the process regarding to the way that "qi" can strengthen man's physiologic functions, but I can provide a number of facts to testify its successful achievements and effects.

Healing Effects of Pan Gu Shengong Qigong

Pan Gu Shengong LogoPan Gu Shengong Qigong, a kind of qigong founded by me, produced wonderful effects in treating cardiopathy. No patient with heart disease who learned it and persisted in exercising and now and then attended my speech (I issue "qi" during my speech) without obtaining good effect, among them some have recovered thoroughly. A patient who suffered from cardiac assest caused by myocardial atrophy had once a record of over 10 minutes stop beating was rescued after he had received the treatment of this qigong. Through half year's continuous receiving and exercising the qigong, the definite diagnosis showed that his deformed heart even grew unexpectedly and normally again!

In treating other diseases of physiologic function obtacles and immunity decline, Pan Gu Shen Gong has also produced miraculous effect. For example, Mr. Fang Ling, a retired teacher of Guangzhou Foreign Trade Institute, found senile scars appearing on his arms several years ago. After several months exercising Pan Gu Shen Gong, the senile scars disappeared and his skin became smooth. This phenomenon proves that the qigong has strengthened his physiologic function on his skin.

The most typical case of strengthening the immunity in human body is the fact that a group of patients suffering from lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis who were treated by Pan Gu Shen Gong have recovered. Take Ms. Ye Ping for example. She is a teacher of No. 97 middle school in Guangzhou. In July 1992, she was diagnosed definitely to have contracted lupus erythematosus. The doctor emphatically told her: "The cause of such ailment could not yet be found throughout the world, and it was firmly believed beyond remedy but to control the condition. You have to take medicine (hormone) at definite time and dose through her life, and the dose of medicine can't be reduced without the doctor's consent." The doctor added, "the patient should avoid getting over tired (get fatigue easily), exposing to the sunlight and taking radiotherapy as less as possible. Otherwise the condition will make a change for the worse beyond imagination"" Fortunately on the recommendation of her friend, she began to learn Pan Gu Shen Gong in December 1992. Then her condition improved. After a subsequent check-up on December 27 1993, the result reads: data have turned normal, lines on two lungs comparatively normal, no infiltration lesion is seen in lungs, no abnormality seen in the heart and the lungs.

The above examples have no alternative but to realize the material characteristic of qigong and to have a overall realization of it, so as to better grasp the speciality of qigong and to cure the patients with better effect.

May all the people in the world be kind-hearted and friendly!

May all the people in the world be healthy and happy!

I hold: for realizing my best wishes, the miraculous but real "qigong" will bring a new hope and a feasible and practical thoroughfare.


  • Being awarded the gold cup at the First International Somatic Science Conference and held in U.S.A. June 1995.

  • Being awarded the prize at the Fourth International Qigong Academic Conference held in Canada in 1995.

  • Published in the "Thesis Collection of the Fourth International Qigong Academic Conference" and the "Thesis Collection of the Fourth World Conference of Medical Qigong".


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